Palazzo Sambiasi

A noble example of 16th-century architecture.
Historic Center of Lecce

“Palazzo Sambiasi” in Lecce, currently managed by the owner Francesca Paola Montefusco, is an imposing historical building from the 16th century, expertly transformed into a tourist services hub in the heart of Lecce. It stands as a notable example of 16th-century civil architecture. Originally inhabited by the Sambiasi family, a noble lineage possibly stemming from the Sanseverino and later extending across numerous Salento fiefs, the palace attests to the rich noble history of Naples, Nardò, and Lecce.

Architecturally, it is distinguished by its large rusticated portal, an excellent preserved example in the city. The original structure, of late Renaissance taste, underwent significant changes in the 18th century when the Sambiasi decided to renovate and modernize it.

The renovation intervention is perhaps attributable to Emanuele Manieri, a key figure in 18th-century Lecce architecture. Although his involvement is still under study, Manieri’s impact on the palace’s architecture is evident, especially in the new solution of the entrance hall, the staircase, and the upper floor loggia.

The modernization of the palace reflected the aesthetic values of the 18th-century aristocracy and upper bourgeoisie, inclined towards sobriety and the rational measure of artistic expression. This transition from late Baroque to Neoclassical taste, infused with grace and elegance, makes Palazzo Sambiasi a monument of particular interest in Lecce’s history and civilization.

Today, Palazzo Sambiasi welcomes guests from around the world in its accommodation facilities: bed and breakfast, holiday homes, the restaurant “Animaterrae”, and a Yoga hall.

Our commitment is to make the time you spend with us an important part of your vacation, not just a place to sleep.

The restaurant with internal rooms and garden

Entrance and atrium of the Palace

The garden and terraces