Rooms and apartments immersed in the history of Lecce

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Located on the first and second floors of Palazzo Sambiasi,
the rooms dedicated to the B&B and vacation home are situated in the apartments where the noble family lived since the 16th century.

Relaxation and beauty just steps away from Lecce's most important monuments

The breakfast room for rooms: no.3 “Dell’Acaya” and no.5 Attic “Al Duomo”

We are pet-friendly

Palazzo Sambiasi is a pet-friendly establishment, and we are pleased to welcome your animal friends free of charge. We provide a large cushion bed and bowls for water and food for them.

It is essential to inform us of the presence of your pets at the time of booking so we can prepare for their arrival appropriately.

We kindly ask you to adhere to our pet policy:
Below are a few simple rules that, if followed, will allow you, your pets, and other guests to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

  • The presence of the pet must be communicated at the time of booking.
  • The management reserves the right to accept the pet at its discretion, especially if the pet does not conform to what was declared by the guest or to current regulations.
  • The guest must be adequately equipped for the well-being of their pet.
  • The guest, as the pet owner, must accept and sign the contract detailed below at check-in.
  • The B&B provides a large cushion bed and bowls for water and food, which you will find in the room.


We are happy to host you and invite you to review our internal regulations.
Our rules to follow in the B&B are not only those required by law but also those dictated by common sense and mutual respect.